pacproinc® equipment maintains the integrity of your product, cuts labor costs, minimizes product handling, reduces repetitive motion injuries, increases your production volume, and improves the presentation of your product.

pacproinc interleaving diagram
Our solutions insert a separator, count the portion, and layer stack them for final packaging, drastically improving final stack quality over manual methods. If you already have a slicer, all you need is our Interleaver and Stacker.
Together, these elements combine to ensure not only rapid ROI but positive brand perception in the marketplace.As the most experienced manufacturer of standalone interleaving equipment in the world, pacproinc® understands that automated interleaving- and underleaving equipment offers multiple benefits. This experience also enables us to deal with the challenges that arise in interleaving applications.

From the ability to protect your product, improve product release, and reduce contamination risk to increasing production, cutting labor costs, and minimizing repetitive motion injuries, pacproinc® interleaving equipment brings significant, quantifiable improvement to your process line. The result of which is optimized production flow and increased per-unit profit.

In addition, automated interleaving enables improved package presentation resulting in a higher quality packaging method that pacproinc®’s high-speed, fully automated, washdown-duty interleaving and underleaving systems place a pre-programmed sheet of paper, film, or foil under or around your product at speeds up to 600/minute, and convey those portions to an automatic stacker. After stacking the product is conveyed to final packaging.

pacproinc®’s interleaving, underleaving, and counting/auto stacking systems are engineered to exceed the American Meat Institute’s 10 Principles of Sanitary Design, and all local regulatory requirements (e.g. USDA, FDA, HAACP, CE, CSA).

PacProinc PPI200
Our equipment designs and superior construction go beyond simply addressing the need for efficient operation; ease of maintenance and sanitation are central to our solutions:

  • Stand-off mounting components prevent the accumulation of any product scraps, improving sanitation.
  • Ground and polished welds further eliminate bacteria harborage points, making cleaning to a microbiological level possible.
  • All control cabinets and enclosures have sheet metal breaks, eliminating the possibility of standing water on flat surfaces.
  • We use sealed stainless steel bearings in all food-contact areas to prevent product contamination and offer optional, antibacterial belting,
  • All machines are available with casters or leveling pads to meet your plant’s unique requirements.
  • Trays keep product scraps out of the paper path and paper tails off the floor to prevent material contamination.
  • Welded construction eliminates recessed bolt heads and other areas that could collect product cast-offs and harbor bacteria growth.