What We Do

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pacproinc® is an experienced team of in-house designers, engineers, and fabricators who provide total system integrated solutions within our 20,000 ft2 facility.

pacproinc® delivers real benefits to its customers by leveraging our engineering expertise with a proven ability to deliver savings through automation, engineered materials, and timely support. Through this integrated offering, our customers not only improve operational efficiencies, they achieve higher material yields, food safety improvements, and reduced downtime. Most customers realize a one year ROI, with additional savings compounding thereafter.

We design and manufacture a full line of sanitary, washdown-duty packaging and processing equipment for the food industry. Applications include: meat, poultry, seafood, baking, pasta, and cheese segments of the food industry.

Our machine designs include both custom and standard equipment variations, such as stainless steel food interleavers and paper underleavers, card feeders, and counters/stackers. And because process engineering is one of our key capabilities, all pacproinc® equipment can easily interface with upstream and downstream equipment (slicers, formers, dividers, sheeters, packaging machines, etc.).

Additional offerings include the supply of interleaving paper, film, and foil, as well as antimicrobials and other value-added materials, and our 24/7 support staff keeps your equipment running.

We have extensive experience with the following products: