Case Studies

frozen pizza crusts
Case Study Four

Mid-West Pizza Chain Automates Production

In addition to its 52 pizzerias located in Ohio and northern Kentucky, the client had a complementary business co-packing sheeted, frozen pizza crusts for commercial clients. Manually placing sheets of wax paper between crusts, though, was slow and labor-intensive.

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Interleaved Sliced Meat
Case Study One

Pennsylvania-Based Meat Packaging Company

With foodservice and retail customers tightening costs by discontinuing in-store meat slicing, often processors must pick up that operation. A Pennsylvania-based meat packing company took steps to expand its slicing and interleaving capabilities.

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Hamburger Chain Case Study
Case Study Two

National Hamburger Chain

A well-known hamburger chain struggled with the stacking of frozen patties. The patties traveled in a three-by-five matrix, but because of their hardness, they were easily knocked out of line, creating uneven or unstable stacks.

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Midwestern Ready-to-Eat Turkey Processor Case Study
Case Study Three

Midwestern Ready-to-Eat Turkey Processor

An Iowa-based integrated turkey processor went so far as to build a new facility based on pharmaceutical-industry cleanroom technology to avoid cross-contamination and other concerns. When it was time to purchase equipment, they needed an interleaver that measured up to their rigorous cleanliness expectations.

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