Shatter Pack

shatter pack interleaving
Shatter Pack Interleaving

Shatter Pack Interleaving

Pacproinc is the interleaving expert for your shatter pack applications; our interleavers and stackers are guaranteed to save you time and money with your shatter pack product. Whether you slice fresh or frozen, our equipment can insert a separator under your portion and then create a final shingle stack for packaging. Cover the top and bottom of each piece in your shatter pack so that your customer can easily separate individual pieces without worrying about damage.

Sliced and Stacked Salmon

Stand-Alone Counter/Stackers

Don’t need interleaving? No problem. pacproinc® offers a variety of modular counter/stackers to fit any application, and our custom designs easily interface with upstream production equipment and end-of-line packaging machinery.

High-speed, sanitary, hands-free counting/auto stacking guarantees better, more accurate stacks for easier packaging and improved product presentation.

Counting and auto stacking reduces labor and training expenses, as well as the incidence of repetitive motion injuries. The PPI-200 increases line throughput while cutting operating costs and improving your product presentation and packaging.

Like all of our designs, our stand-alone counters/stackers feature rugged, stainless steel construction and climate-controlled, fully gasketed enclosures. Our PLC design enables easy production setup and changes to parameters like stack count, delay, speed, and portion thickness, and our solutions are easily networked with other equipment to seamlessly interface with production requirements like product changeover or stoppages.

pacproinc® can configure your PPI-200 to accept product in single or multiple lanes. We can also singulate (combine multiple lanes into a single lane) finished stacks for delivery to the packaging machine, and all stackers can be fitted with our Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic System (RMDS).


Salmon Film Interleave on Gold Card

Packaging Progressions, Inc. has developed an automation solution for placing film or foil in between individual slices of Salmon. This solution is capable of stand alone Interleaver operation or can be combined with an Automatic Counter Stacker to format the slices into a shingle or stack on a carrier card. Slices can be configured as a single slice foodservice format for easy sushi prep or as a retail shingle pack.

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Card Feeder/Card Dispenser

The pacproinc® PPI-200-based card dispensing system feeds up to 80 cards/minute and handles cards up to 10” x 8” x 0.5” (LxWxH). This feature is easily integrated into any of our existing interleaving or counting/auto stacking systems, and it carries the same washdown-duty, stainless steel-based construction and sanitation characteristics as all our equipment.

The system features a continuous-run, automatic card hopper with single-card feed detection to limit waste and enable accurate placement of cards (including gold-backed varieties) for susceptor trays, pizza base ingredient boards, absorbent pads, carrier cards and sheets, package inserts, and more.


Whether you are interleaving and stacking or just stacking, many of pacproinc®’s auto stacking modules have the ability to load your counted and stacked product directly into the package. We have extensive and unique experience handling stacked food products, which allows us to introduce finished stacks directly into trays, cartons, or pockets.