Meat & Poultry

Meat & Poultry Industry Expertise

pacproinc® relies on expertise in the meat and poultry industry to help customers reduce costs, improve sanitary handling, and use our flexible equipment to meet their packaging requirements.Our engineers begin with round-table discussions to determine your packaging needs. Next, we match our experience in the meat and poultry industry with our existing products. This way we can identify the features that will most easily meet your specific requirements.

The result is pacproinc®’s lineup of high-speed, flexible, sanitary equipment that features simple, easy-to-maintain designs and engineering that can withstand the specific demands of the meat and poultry industry.

We understand the meat and poultry industry and the daily challenges our customers face in this highly competitive marketplace. We offer engineered solutions that bring increased productivity, reduced labor costs, improved package presentation versus manual operations, and designs that meet the industry’s highest sanitation standards.

Whether you need an “off-the-shelf” system or a completely customized solution, pacproinc®’s line of interleavers, underleavers, counter/auto stackers, loaders, and conveyors are designed to meet the financial and operational challenges of the meat and poultry industry.