Baking Industry Expertise


Align, Interleave, and Stack Fresh Raw Dough Discs

Sheeted or pressed dough discs are aligned, interleaved with film, counted and stacked. This is a fully automated solution that requires no labor. Packaging Progressions, Inc. Interleavers and Stackers offer quick justification.

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pacproinc®’s baking industry expertise is rooted in a drive to reduce costs and serve a variety of applications.Our engineers begin with round-table discussions to determine your packaging needs. Next, we match our experience in the baking industry with our existing products. This way we can identify the features that will most easily meet your specific requirements.

We understand that our customers in the baking industry face particular challenges. They need to cost effectively interleave dough products and load stacks directly into cases, while batch processing and long production runs demand reliable equipment and easy maintenance. Bakeries are especially vulnerable to environmental changes (like excessive heat in summer months), and constantly fluctuating humidity levels. What’s more, automation investments must offer short-term ROI due to the highly competitive nature of the industry.

The result is pacproinc®’s lineup of equipment that features simple, easy-to-maintain designs and engineering that can withstand the rigors of bakery plants:

  • Extreme temperatures (ovens/freezers): climate controls on cabinets and components are designed for these harsh environments
  • Duty cycle of components: designed for the continuous operation bakeries require
  • Single- or multiple-lane capability: flexibile designs allow bakeries to maximize their automation investment
  • Low cost of ownership: easy to maintain and operate

Our interleaving (underleaving) equipment protects your product, improves ease of separation and sanitary handling, and enhances package presentation by inhibiting bacterial growth and prolonging shelf life. This way, pacproinc® helps safeguard and enhance your brand image in a competitive marketplace.