bacon interleaving

Single Slice Foodservice Bacon

Single Slice Foodservice Bacon Interleaving and Auto Stacking up to 110 sheets per minute.

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Bacon Interleaving

Flexibility is a primary feature of pacproinc®’s Bacon Systems. Configurable for lay-flat or bulk bacon, these interleavers/counters/stackers perform high-speed, automatic paper placement while centering product (side-to-side) on the interleaving paper for improved arrangement quality.

Automatic stacking dramatically improves stack quality when compared to manual stacking.

The pacproinc® Bacon System can produce up to 3300 lbs of lay-flat bacon per hour, and a high-speed downgrade diverter interfaces with vision slicers to automate the grading process and guarantee that downgrades are not combined with number one bacon.

The high-speed PPI-200 Interleaver dispenses paper only when bacon is present. This highly accurate interleaving ensures that bacon is correctly positioned on the paper (both side-to-side and front-to-back), and the automatic stacker eliminates the “bunching” associated with manual “grab stacking.”

Auto stacking is better for the bottom line, as well; the PPI-200 Bacon System reduces labor, training expenses, and repetitive motion injuries while cutting operating costs and improving product packaging and presentation.


Bacon Card Dispenser

The Pacproinc Card Dispenser is designed to place bacon boards, fish boards, salmon cards, cake boards, and any other carrier under your product. Specifically designed for sanitary environments where harsh washdown is the norm, and reliability, accuracy, and speed are required.

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Bacon Retail Packaging

The PPI-200-SS-CD card feeder is designed specifically for harsh environments and interfaces easily with any slicing, forming, processing, or packaging equipment. Our inline designs save valuable floor space, while automated reloading systems allow for continuous operation, and precision card placement ensures accurate automation.

This reliable feeding system will not jam or double-feed, as is common with traditional card feeders. Its large-capacity magazine allows for extended run time (up to 45 minutes between reload), and the system features an automated, UPC code-enabled fast setup to accelerate card setup and changeover. Versatile designs allow users to run many types of cards (e.g. window, non-window, foldable flap, or no flap).

The PPI-200-SS-CD feeds up to 80 cards/minute and is guaranteed to reduce downtime associated with missed cards, double feeds, and jams.


Single Slice Stack Pack Off

The Stack Pack-off Conveyor Option combines the flow of stacks from our Dual Station Star Wheel Stackers into a single flow for downstream automation and labor reduction. This optional conveyor can be paired with our High Speed Food Service Bacon Automation System to feed directly to a boxing station or a Form/Fill/Seal Gas Flush Packaging Machine. Additionally, the single flow of products allows for more ergonomic scale operation and may only require a single scale operator.

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Whether you are interleaving and stacking or just stacking, many of pacproinc®’s auto stacking modules have the ability to load your counted and stacked product directly into the package. We have extensive and unique experience handling stacked food products, which allows us to introduce finished stacks directly into trays, cartons, or pockets.