cheese interleaving

Dispensing paper and dropping portions is easy. Accurately synchronizing paper with product and creating perfect stacks in multiple lanes at speeds in excess of 1,400 pieces per minute is difficult, but it is what we do.

pacproinc® guarantees success. Unlike integrators and custom equipment manufacturers who don’t understand the details and nuances of interleaving and auto-stacking in the food industry, we have experience specific to your application and others like it.

This experience gives our customers the confidence that every pacproinc® solution works.

pacproinc® excels in the design and manufacture of systems that interleave (place paper, film, or foil substrate between, under, or around pieces or portions) and underleave (place a substrate under or around a portion or group of pieces).

pacproinc®’s, engineering and manufacturing skill are extensions of our core values. We place a premium on continuous improvement, we strive for excellence in our engineering and business practices, and we back all of our products with a money-back performance guarantee. In short, with pacproinc® you get the benefits of automation and the strength of a capable partner without the risk.

Our industry expertise includes the following:

baking industry


Our baking industry customers face particular challenges. They need equipment that can cost effectively interleave dough products and load stacks directly into cases, but batch processing and long production runs demand reliable equipment and easy maintenance.

cheese industry


Cheese producers turn to pacproinc® for interleaving equipment and materials that offer consistent slice separation, provide full-surround paper coverage, eliminate flavor- and color transfer, and increase product life.

meat and poultry industry

Meat & Poultry

pacproinc® goes far beyond simple separation. We reduce Meat & Poultry packaging costs, provide portion control, allow for sanitary product handling, and improve production uptime, with a full line of value-added interleavers, stackers, and materials.

seafood industry


Pacproinc differentiates your sliced salmon by making it easier to separate. Our full wrap interleaving capabilities separate shatter pack portions, keeping them safe from damage and easier for the customer to work with.