Larry Ward CEO

After completing a degree in Engineering and Technology, Larry started his career designing typewriters for SCM Corporation.

Shortly thereafter he joined the U.S. Navy and became a deep-sea diver. Larry took a job as a Hyperbaric Engineer at the University of Pennsylvania after leaving the Navy, doing underwater medical research.

After several years with Penn, he returned to machinery design, working for FMC Corporation as a packaging machinery designer. Later he moved on to Exide Battery Corporation as a project engineer, where he helped design and launch new manufacturing plants.

Larry made the move to packaging machinery and materials sales in the mid ‘70s, and in 1981 he started Packaging Films and Equipment Co.

In 1989 he launched Packaging Progressions, which has grown to become the world leader in high-speed Interleaving and stacking machinery.

He has contributed to every major product line and patent application, and is co-inventor of U.S. patents #5,768,857, #6,827,545, and #8,635,837.  Larry strongly believes in the R&D process and continues to work directly with the pacproinc engineering team developing new product ideas.