CNC Machinist

Job Summary:

We are a small manufacturing company that designs and builds food packaging equipment. We are currently seeking a motivated, hardworking machinist that is interested in all phases of machine manufacturing. Qualified candidates will have 3-5 years’ experience machining parts on manual and CNC machines.

Skills/Traits Required:


  • 3-5 years’ minimum experience in manual machining (lathes, mills, etc).
  • 5 years’ minimum experience programming and operating CNC machines.
  • Ability to make parts from drawings and drawing files.
  • Experience working with stainless steel, urethane, and plastics.
  • Ability to program Haas CNC machines with CAMWorks.
  • Ability to program Haas and ProtoTRAK CNC machines through to machine interface.
  • File management skills – ability to open, load, and save CNC programs.
  • Ability to accurately track and report time on projects.
  • Ability to manage workflow throughout a machining center to meet priorities.
  • Ability to recognize and group parts together to maximize efficiency.
  • Experience with first article inspection.
  • Ability to markup drawings as needed.
  • Have basic machinist’s tools necessary to perform job functions-calipers, indicators, etc.
  • Ability to constructively communicate with Engineering, Assembly, QA, and Materials to identify and solve problems.

Daily Routines Include:

  • Setup, operate and program CNC HAAS TL-2, HAAS ST-30Y lathes and HAAS VF-2 Mills.
  • Setup and operate ProtoTRAK Mills.
  • Setup and operate manual lathes and mills.
  • Saw cutting.
  • Drilling and tapping.
  • Sanding and deburring of final parts.
  • Managing workflow through machining centers.
  • Routine shop maintenance.

Essential Attributes:

  • Highly motivated to work in team environment.
  • Commitment to quality and detail oriented.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Good time management skills.

Job Type: