stacked patties

Accurate stacking and portion control requires accurate counting.


Cookie Dough Counter Stacker Case Loader

Cookie Dough Counter, Stacker, Auto-loader automatically counts sheets of cookie dough and loads them into a poly lined case.

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With pacproinc®, your process line will gain the ability to count, auto stack, and load at speeds of up to 300 portions/minute/lane, dramatically improving throughput and accuracy, and reducing costs when compared to manual counting/stacking operations.

Accurate auto stacking and portion control requires accurate counting. pacproinc® counting/auto stacking solutions increase throughput while reducing errors and mistakes typically found in manually stacked operations.

pacproinc® specializes in difficult-to-stack applications, such as frozen burgers, tall stacks, layer pack, and irregular shapes. We begin with one of our unique auto stacking modules, each of which can be engineered to meet a specific application, including:

ferris wheel stacking

Ferris Wheel

Stacks products up to 9” long at rates up to 300 portions/minute.

platform stacking


Excellent for auto-loading applications or products that require a minimal drop distance; couple with an elevator to handle very tall stacks.

drop stacker

Drop Stacker

Handles long portions at rates up to 60 portions/minute.

star wheel stacking

Star Wheel

Accommodates long portions as fast as 120 portions/minute.

versa-stax stacking


Stacks and tray loads fresh burgers and frozen pizza crusts; add a board inserter for frozen pizza applications where a carrier board is required.

shuffle stacker conveyor

Shuttle Stacker

Versatile, small-footprint solution for low profile products such as sliced deli meats, cheeses, sheeted dough, and pasta.